Digital Marketing strategies: Online Business Lunch

Digital Marketing Strategies eBook is provides you clear step by step strategies on how to make money online.

These strategies have made me triple my online sales since graduating from the Google digital academy.

Google digital marketing exposed all the tricks and strategies needed to succeed in online business. I have learnt a lot and put together this book to help you overcome those online marketing challenges such as:

  • the best way to use facebook business manager to upscale your business
  • How to automate your business and get more sales without spending on adverts
  • When to use the different campaign objectives
  • Facebook algorithm
  • 3 best online business lunch strategies and more.

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While I was writing my undergraduate project, two things were my major headache; population sampling/data analysis and choosing the appropriate theory for theoretical framework.

My research population was very broad which made it practically impossible to reach all of them. I therefore had to use the appropriate sampling technique to arrive at a highly representative sample population.

This task motivated me into deeper studies on research methodology as a whole. The result of this was that my postgraduate studies were very smooth and interesting.

This book is an offshoot of this experience. It will help you have a clear focus if you are interested in research and writing.

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Showing all 12 results